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Hello, and welcome to Second Life Accounting. We are currently under construction, and will have more information available in the near future. If you'd like to help us test, please contact Ricky Lucero in-world.

Also, visit Intelligent Electronics & Security in Plush Omicron!
  Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Second Life Accounting?
A: Second Life Accounting is a site that is designed by Ricky Lucero of Second Life, owner of Intelligent Electronics. The final vision is a collection of three applications all tied together with direct communication in SL.

The first product is the Accounting package, which you can think of as Quick Books for SL. You import your transactions, and you can see full detailed reports of your income and expenses for your business. Easy XML import from the SL web site, means you don't provide us with your SL password.

Product number 2 is our customer tracker for your business. This device runs in your store, in a very low-lag mode, watching for avatars in your store. It submits this information directly to the SL Accounting web site and allows you to see your store traffic, along with income for each customer.

But that's not all. Product number 3, which is now in use inside my store, and being tested in a couple other places, is a networked vendor to work together with your SL Accounting statistics and trackers. All sales are automatically uploaded to the SL Accounting web site, and every vendor and product can be easily configured here on the web site. You don't even have to be logged in to SL to be able to see your sales statistics, or change product prices and set up sale events.

Q: Why in the world would I trust SLAcct.com with MY data?
A: Please check out our Privacy Policy. We're not interested in your data. We only want to provide you with excellent tools to help you better market your products and business within SL.