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SL Accounting Privacy Policy

At SL Accounting, we understand that you may be wary about trusting us with your sensitive SL transaction data. We want to assure you that your data is very safe. We do not need your SL password, nor should you ever give your password out to anyone. You will simply export transaction history from the SecondLife web site, and import that data into SL Accounting.

The server that SL accounting runs on, is a privately owned server, in a co-location facility in the United States. We have been using this server for many years straight, and have been operating out of the same hosting facility for nearly 9 years. There are only 2 people with access to the data on the server, aside from the network administrators at the co-location facility. The database in which your data is stored, is only accessible by two people, who are the owners of the server. The developer, Ricky Lucero (in SL) has been developing software since the mid 90s. Ricky Lucero is the owner of Intelligent Electronics in Plush Omicron. A well established electronics store in SL, which will handle all monetary transactions for SL Accounting. When you pay for subscription time in SL, your account is immediately updated.

The security of your data is very important to us. As an established internet business, we have disaster recovery plans in place to protect any data that resides on our server. We will also provide you with the ability to export your data from SL Accounting, for the entire history you have uploaded. Even Linden Labs doesn't provide that!

Your transaction history privacy is extremely important to us as well. Your data will not be seen by anyone but the sole developer of the system, Ricky Lucero. And even then, it is only for the reason of using your data for testing when creating new features in the system. Especially when they are features specifically requested by you. We understand that many customers will have different needs.

Your email address and contact information will NEVER NEVER NEVER be sold or given to any other party. This includes the fact that you are even a customer of SL Accounting, unless it is a testimonial of our product.. We will NOT share any of your information with anyone, unless we are asked to turn over information to law enforcement or federal authorities.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible statistics and reporting for your SL business, while providing a secure environment with easy to use tools, and constant upgrades.

If you have any questions, please contact Ricky Lucero in SL.
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